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Grouse Shooting - The Real Story

Welcome dear Visitor! On this hunting video webpage You can see the "Grouse Shooting - The Real Story" video, as You see it related to the parent category. Enjoy the video. An accurate and honest film showcasing facts and faces from managed moorlands. Our moorlands mean everything to those who live and work there. Managed grouse moors are proven havens for wildlife and a vital source of income. Please watch, read and follow the facts. Without Grouse Shooting this happens - Berwyn study in Wales. Hen Harrier and Grouse Report; 2016 Lead Ammunition Report; file/537391/truss-letter-ammunition-wildlife-160712.pdf Tharme Report, Journal of Applied Ecology. Management for Red Grouse Shooting Effects; RSPB Report on Impact of Predation; GWCT Waders on the Fringe, Version 2; Muirburn Report; Blanket Bog Restoration Strategy; Scotland's Moorland Forum - Understanding Predation Report; Contact Jonathan M. McGee for more information UK +44 (0) 7805575547

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