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NordGuide - Hunting in Swedish Lapland

Welcome dear Visitor! On this hunting video webpage You can see the "NordGuide - Hunting in Swedish Lapland" video, as You see it related to the parent category. Enjoy the video. Hunting in Northern Europe. Moose hunting, Bird hunting, Beaver hunting with NordGuide. I have resently start to collect videomaterial from Nordguide´s bespokeadventures,and the goal is to get clips from every parts and all different events that we offer all over Swedish Lapland. I deeply regrett that I did not start with this back in 1995 when we started,so many uniqe encounters with our wildlife and situations,but it is never to late! Me and my guides are not proffessional moviemakers and we are not after to win any oscar, only to show you what we do in our part of the world.

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